Son Phan in 2013

Son Phan in 2013

Son Phan (born September 13, 2003) was a famous website creator, operating system creator, (all of those are computer scientist) for professional computer thinking. He was the 2nd most famous people in history, so his page is protected and can be edited only for established administrators only for Wikipedia in other regions.


Son Phan was born in Worcester, Massachusetts. His family doctor was Vincent Nashino. His hospital place where he was born was Saint Vincent's Hospital. The hospital was named after Saint Vincent de Paul (1581-1660). His living family is in a Vietnamese family in America.

Then he moved to another home in Worcester, Massachusetts of the United States. He lived here until now that he was a youth. He was now known as a pre-teenager. This boy was a perfect student in his school, Gates Lane School, in Worcester. A long time ago, before his school is Gates Lane, he goes to Columbus Park School in Worcester. He started piano lessons on July 13, 2011. The future will be really the most popular person ever lived in life. He have a user account in Wikia. His account is Sonphanbot100wikipedia. This wiki is called the Alaskan Wikipedia. This boy created this edition of Wikipedia. This is a male biography. That's why it has he, him, or his. His noble people that he met scary are Dev, Edward, and Vicky the second of France (born 2004). They are people of the scary classroom, Mrs. Wroblewski's class (the teacher born September 13, 1967). He started going to Gates Lane School on around September 3, 2008. At first, in February 2005, he began walking and September 2005, he learned to talk. On September 2007, he began school in Columbus Park School. He works with a preschool class. He became intrested in computers in mid-2010 is by April 2010. He started using the computer on May 1, 2005. It was part of the movie. He started seeing the computer on August 2004. His first dentist appointment is on July 31, 2008 with Dr. Melvin in Framingham of Massachusetts. He first know Kallin Johnson, a famous musician on September 2012. He know how to play musics in Classical and Jazz. He knows composers in certain places. His father's name was Binh Phan. He was born on October 9, 1969. His mother's name was Thuy Nguyen. She was born on December 15, 1970. His improvement was to be the chairman of Microfly, what he'll make on May 18 or 25. His only siblings, his sister, named Kim Phan was born on November 6, 2006. Since Wikipedia was founded by Jimmy Wales (born August 7, 1966) , this Wikipedia edition was the only edition made by Son Phan (born September 13, 2003) and he can play the piano very good. He was now preparing to go to a concert.

Death of Me Phan (c. 1920-2013)

Me Phan was his great grand father. It was his mother's, mother Van Phan (1947-)'s father. His grandfather was named Cang Nguyen (1940-) and Me Phan had suffered an illness which leads to his death around March - May 2013 in Vietnam. He'd lived in Vietnam till 2002 then he moved to the US then back to Vietnam on July 9, 2012. He 'd said "Thank You Great Grandfather" "Have a great life ot death". Both his grandparents stay at the US. This is about a biography of a famous boy that was born on September 13, 2003. He was not part of the 2nd Millennium. He was part of the 3rd Millennium. This is the 21st Century. It has more technology better life than ever before lives. So sad that Me Phan died. Back then, this man works as a farmer at age 20 (c.1940). This man had 10 children.

List of Relatived Other People (just family members)

Father's Side

Chinh Phan's Father (c. 1886-c. 1968)

Chinh Phan (c. 1934-)

Lienh Nguyen (c. 1940-)

Liem Phan (c. 1962-)

Hoang Phan (c. 1965-)

Y Phan (c. 1967-)

Unknown First Name Phan (c. 1969-)

Ngoc Phan (c. 1973-)

Thao Phan (c. 1975-)

Sony Phan (c. 2000-)

Ninh Troung (c. 2002-)

Sony's sister Phan (c. 2003-)

King Phan (c. 1997/98-)

Tina Phan (c. 2004-)

Noel Ngdo (c. 2004-)

Kit Kat Ngdo (c. 2011-)

Mother's Side

10 Phan Mr: (c. 1961-) Mrs. (c. 1962-)

Ha Phan (1963-)

Giao Nguyen (c. late 1940s-)

Cuong Nguyen (1974-)

Van Nguyen (c. 1982-)

Son Hoang (1983-)

Thuy Nguyen (Son Hoang's wife; not our mother) (1984-)

David Nguyen (1995-)

Emily Nguyen (1999-)

Khoa Pham (c. 1969-)

Thao Vu (c. 1970-)

Tuan Nguyen the Second (2009-)

Tu Nguyen (2012-)

Vy Hoang (born October 8, 2012 (18 days before the release date of Windows 8)end...)

Sophie Pham (2007-)

Shanna Pham (2009-)

Death of other Great Grand Father

Chinh Phan's father was named Quop Phan. He was born in the 1880s. He died in the 1960s. His birth date and death date are unknown. That's why they say c. means circa. Son Phan was not born yet in his death.

Son's oldest ancestor

This man's name was possibly Binh van Phan was born before ????. He was dead after ????. The description was he was born c.???? and died c.???? prior to period. He was born possibly in the beginnings-1-2nd milleniums?. He died possibly in the beginnings-1-2nd milleniums?

Youngster (2003-2005)

Son Phan was born on September 13, 2003 in Worcester. On November 21, 2003, they sold a house in Worcester, and, live there until now. In 2004, he was forced to be 1 on September 13. In 2005, He started walking, in February. On June, He was in a new level age, aged 1 year 9 months, then in September 2005, he became 2.

List of Dukes in family (with english translations|1255-1500)

James I of Phan (1224-1311) (r.1255-1311)

Henry I of Phan (1293-1366) (r.1311-1366)

Thomas I of Phan (1364-1456) (r.1366-1456)

James II of Phan (1435-1507) (r.1456-1500)

Travel centers timeline

July 2009 - California/Nevada

September 2009 - Maryland/Washington DC/Virginia

May 2010 - Maine/New Hampshire

December 2010 - Viet Nam, Asia

July 2011 (1st time) - New Jersey

July 2011 (second time) - New Hampshire (north)

August 2011 - New York

June 2012 - Florida

Comming Soon

July 2013 - Virginia Beach/Virginia