Hendrick von Denny (2 March 1548-5 January 1669) was a German vispicior, mathjacks, musician, scientist, inventor, artist, traveler, hoteler, builder, jogger, duke, prince, king, monk, saint, atomist, sportsman, gunner, criminal, idiom letter, kicker, assulter, eater, heyer, farmer, gamer, futurist, and hoggest. He was most famously known for his own story "The Hogger (1578)" for his own stage in "Pinhocenter City Series (1576-1669)" and he was best known for a herger criminal of stealing € 150000 in the bank in year 1604 and put to jail for 10 years until 1614. In his last 55 years, he stole and hide for himself €1000000000000000000 in the banks of Germany. Then on July 29 1620, he published the book with his money and printed it and called it "Judy has many money". In 1624, he stole  €3000000000000000000000000000000000000000 and bought 3,000,000,000,000 things from Europe. He even, in 1629, he even stole 10000 music instruments without paying euro dollars and wrote music. He wrote over 10,000,000,000 songs one year. He wrote only schort songs.


He was born in Frankfut Germany. His family were runoff criminals and took care of him. He couldn't get to school because he and his family dosen't be good in Germany. All parts of his family were in jail. His father was named John Denny (1517-1601), his mother was not a criminal, and her name was Mary Champion (1521-1609) and none of the women are criminals in family. Then, Hendrick in age 15, went to college without permission and teaches science there. He began teaching in age 23 and went to jail at age 30 because he dosen't have permission to go to school. He even don't have permission to have more than 20 occupations becuse he was a bad guy. In February 1652, he written "Vices an Gages" and published it and thousands of people threw it and put him to jail for 16 years until death because he was a bad guy that wrote it.


In his jailure, he ecaped from jail with health causes of sipholious, lisdheriot, carriotertispus, and katherlandus, but then after he escaped, the people came and shot him because he was bad.

List of people who shot himEdit

Georg Heherl (1587-1679)

Giddhey Thoms (1602-1671)

Heger de Bakkad (1654-1676)

Galls blue (1627-1727)

Halls Yellowes (1667-1669)